Moratom Engineering limited is a global engineering consultancy services company expertise in Construction and Installation of Infrastructural Project, Provision of Specialized Skills Manpower and Training of Technical Management.

MORATOM Services cover the whole life-cycle of these projects from feasibility studies to decommissioning. Our unique solution bring added value to client in public as well as private markets all over the globe. With trained,Certified, experienced personnel, MORATOM has the capacity and expertise needed to meet the client’s every service requirement on time and on budget from scheduled maintenance to plant turnarounds to emergency response.

We are committed to Safety, Quality Delivery, Cost Morale and Environmental friendly. As a safety conscious company, we understand and remain highly committed to the quality, consistence and excellence demanded by industrial-wide standards. Customer satisfaction, Integrity and commitment in all aspects of businesses are the core values of the organization.

Our management team has decade of business experience which forms the inner strength of Moratom Engineering Limited.