Moratom Engineering Limited is a global engineering consultancy services company expertise in Construction and Installation of Infrastructure Project, Provision of Specialized Skills Manpower and Training of Technical Management.

MORATOM services cover the whole life-cycle of these projects from feasibility studies to decommissioning.

Our unique solution bring added value to client in public as well as private markets all over the globe. With trained, certified, experienced personnel, MORATOM has the capacity and expertise needed to meet the client’s every service requirement on time and on budget from scheduled maintenance to plant turnarounds to emergency response. We are committed to Safety, Quality Delivery, Cost Morale and Environmental friendly.

As a safety conscious company, we understand and remain highly committed to the quality, consistence and excellence demanded by industrial-wide standards.

Customer satisfaction, Integrity and commitment in all aspects of businesses are the core values of the organization. Our management team has decade of business experience which forms the inner strength of Moratom Engineering Limited

In view of the lack and gap of proper General Engineering Service’s delivery to client in Blue Chip, Manufacturing and Construction Companies such as FMCGs, Oil & Gas Sector, Power Sector, Telecommunication Industries, Building and Road Construction Companies has emerged Moratom Engineering Limited to offer our services to the potential clients in Blue Chip, Manufacturing and Construction Companies.

A brand name MORATOM ENGINEERING LIMITED was given to easily identify business areas and offering its services on ad-hoc basis (where required) and an annual based service contract whereby our client can call upon for services 24 hours a day throughout the year.

The company ensures its specialized, experienced, well trained and well-motivated staffs (Engineers and Technicians) reach the customers doorstep within time frame to their call A 24 hours standby number is available for our valued customers to contact. Services of qualified engineers have been hired to lead Moratom Engineering Limited.

MORATOM has built a solid reputation as a trusted Engineering Service Company through timely completion of their projects, customer satisfaction and within competitive pricing and with minimal inconvenience and disturbance to our esteem customers.

To be a reliable Global Engineering Services partner to those Companies, institutions or public authority which are developing and operating energy and infrastructural project.

To provide reliable, timely, accurate cost effective and quality specialized engineering solution to equipment and services, globally acting up to sustainable development principles that meet customer expectation.

Our business philosophy is driven by integrity, transparency, accountability and efficiency guided by good corporate governance in

The principal areas of interest of MORATOM ENGINEERING LIMITED are as follow:

• Electro-Mechanical Equipment Installation
• HVAC, Thermal Insulation, Ducts and Ducting of Storage tanks
• Domestic and Industrial piping Engineering (Design & Fabrication)
• Domestic & Industrial Plumbing Work (Design & fabrication)
• Domestic & Industrial Electrical Wiring (Conduit & Surface)
• Calibration & Instrumentation
• Training and Supply of Labour Force

• Metal Construction (Fabrication & Installation)
• Steel Structure (Fabrication & Erection)
• Building Construction (Design & Construction)
• Road Construction
• Training and Supply of Labour Force

• General Maintenance Services (Domestic)
• General Maintenance Services (Industrial)
• Supply of Labour Force

Our services in Facility Management are second to none! All of Facility Management’s services are sometimes compiled into annual maintenance contracts, giving attention to our customers needs; our engineers will always ensure you presidential service. Below are our services and offers you the finest in home maintenance services.

We will response to any maintenance requests and planned preventive maintenance relating to:
• Electrical Supply: Equipment and Electrical distribution services and maintenance.
• Water Supply: Sanitary-ware and Drainage services and maintenance
• Air Conditioning Supply and Associated equipment services and maintenance.
• Information Technology Supply and associated services and maintenance
• Automation of Home Building Supply and associated services and maintenance.

Supervised, friendly technicians will response to all emergencies (M.E.P) within 2 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year upon your lodging compliant

Preventive Work
A preventive maintenance program will be provided in writing by our company within 30 days after signing the contract for all air conditioning units every three months and electrical & plumbing, every six months.

We are indigenous company focusing on Technical/Engineering service. We are made of highly experience Engineers and technicians such as welders, pipe filters, mechanics, plumbers & electrical technicians who are well equipped with present day technological equipment and tools.